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My [o*]bsession

Photography as a medium is so powerful because it affects everyone - from highschool yearbooks to every other milestone in your life, it accomplishes the seemingly impossible concept of time travel. You go back to that moment.
This is why I love what I do.
I love stories that take you somewhere, places you've never been and places you like to visit often.
I love images that stick with you - like a good song you want to know. When I see an image I like, I never forget it!
I am constantly striving to improve my time travel abilities for you!

I am very much a people person, and that's exactly who I like to shoot! Everyone has a story in their eyes and I love sharing it with my camera. It's all about relationships and feelings. I especially enjoy photographing weddings, as expressions of love and humor are ones that I find most beautiful.

I Love styles that are unique and artistic (I get lots of inspiration from magazines and music videos). Fashion and fine-art photography have always interested me as well, and I try to apply this approach to everything I shoot.