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The year 2020 has brought on many challenges and have pushed small business to be creative and work towards a unified approach to Covid-19 protocols.¬† Covid-19 has impacted all of us in a variety of ways and we are cognisant that vague direction can make us feel uncomfortable and unsure of where to turn next. […]

Victoria, BC Engagement Photographer

KGOODPHOTO Spring Engagement Giveaway! | Victoria, BC Wedding Photographer   This is a special time in your life together as a couple, which can be overlooked in the hustle and bustle, and often stressful, whirlwind of event planning. In honour of these precious moments leading up to your wedding, KGOODPHOTO is excited to announce that […]

Last Spring¬†marked my 5th year as a full time photographer! It’s hard to believe I am now coming up on my 6th year already! I remember when I quit my day job serving tabes at the Cactus Club like it was yesterday. I was 21 and had been out of photography school exactly on year. […]

I don’t normally display Boudoir shoots, but most people don’t know that I do them, and I encourage everyone to capture the beauty of their form so that they can give it to someone they love or just keep forever. With the gorgeous Carmalita’s permission, here are some classy shots that her boyfriend is sure […]