Shelly & Kevin {Victoria wedding}

September 21, 2010

The camera loves the adorable and rugged that is Shelly and Kevin (honestly, how cute are they!). I also like that Shelly was enthusiastic about the photography; she had been keeping up with my blog (lately, I’ve realized that people actually read this!) and we had been making location plans and working out the details for awhile. So, I was excited when I woke the morning of their wedding day to find that the sun was nowhere in sight. Most brides hope for a bright sunny wedding day, and I can tell you that your photographers much prefer some nice overcast lighting. Which I haven’t had the luck to shoot with all season. Which is why I was excited. Until it started raining. And pouring. All day. Can I not get the best of both worlds?

Luckily Shelly and Kevin were totally cool. It didn’t even phase them, we still went to our outdoor un-sheltered locations, although it proved challenging to get a focus when rain was pelting against my lens. Special thanks to my second shooter Bryn, who operated mostly as an umbrella holder for me and my camera. The girls discovered that mud and heels don’t mix well either!

The ceremony was held at the Groom’s grandparent’s place – a very quirky little cottage. Luckily, someone had anticipated the rain, and large tents were erected in the backyard. The remaining guests showed up with a brilliant array of umbrellas (which made for some unique photography). Ironically, Kevin and Shelly were the only ones (aside from the minister, Bryn and I) without shelter. Poor Shelly was shivering, but as her goosebumps grew so did her smile. These kids were having the time of their life. The rain may have even made it more magical.

I read a quote once by a wedding photographer, which was her response to a disgruntled bride on her rainy wedding day: “Rain on your wedding day is a beautiful thing. Everytime it rains now, you will be reminded of how you felt today”.

I think that’s pretty cool.

For guests at the wedding, click here to view/purchase all of the wedding images. Please ask Shelly and Kevin for the password.

This was done with Bryn inside the shack holding my flash towards them on commander mode (gotta love Nikon). Dialing down to f22 gave me a dark ambient. One of my favs for sure!

  1. Kelsey! these are brilliant! So, so, so, so talented you are.

  2. Julie says:

    Amazing. The first two shots are crazy good.

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  7. charmingdate says:

    So glorious wedding I have ever seen!


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