Warehouse Fashion Shoot

February 9, 2012

I love shooting weddings and all things awesome like that, but at least once a year I try to orchestrate an all-out  over the top fashion shoot. These are the kind of artistic projects that make me feel giddy while I’m planning and shooting. Plus, it’s one of the only areas where I actively work with other creative professionals to create something exciting. We did plenty of other outfits and locations around the warehouse, and I’ll likely add a bunch more here later. Keep your eyes peeled for the rocking horse in future shoots – it’s my latest obsession and this won’t be the last time you see it : )

I came across this old warehouse when I met the owner of Gabriel Ross Furniture, they had recently purchased the building and were about to renovate the space into a modern, industrial showroom, he is even going to keep some of the original pulley’s and old school details.

There was a small window between clearing the space of circa 1930’s debris and the renovation, in which Ross was kind enough to let us into the space one December afternoon.

You can read more about this amazing building and it’s Gabriel Ross plans here.

It’s a team effort and I would like to thank the ever-talented Jenna McInnes for her hair and makeup wizardly, Franklin Porter for his keen eye for wardrobe and extensive collection of vintage garments and accessories, Grace Walling for her excellent modelling awareness (and for putting up with my demands : ), my sister Amber for assisting with the not so glamorous jobs and Mike Zinger for an amazing trailer to showcase some behind the scenes mayhem. There’s no telling how much fun you can have with a smoke machine rental (I had it for the day so that night I tricked my boyfriend into thinking  I almost burned down the kitchen – which isn’t hard to fathom given my cooking skills).


  1. These are so beautiful, Kelsey. Amazing work. I adore the one of her flying towards the window.

  2. Brian Van Wyk says:


  3. Teann says:

    Wow Kelsey, you are such an inspiration. You are an amazing photographer 🙂

  4. Courtney says:

    These are unREAL Kels! Great set! Same as Lara said – the flying one is my fave!

  5. erika says:

    unbelievable. truly stunning! I have no words

  6. Emmy says:

    K – these are gorgeous!!!

  7. Emma Rhoades says:

    Absolutely stunning… love every one of them!! And the lighting is so beautiful!

  8. […] I’ll only include one image from the shoot here (and hope that she forgives my copyright infringement in light of my unabashed praise)… but I strongly encourage you to take a look at the rest of this super cool Victoria heritage warehouse location shoot – Check it out here. […]

  9. Alicia-Rae Light says:

    So stunning, wow! This is so, so cool. Amazing work girls 🙂

  10. Mac says:

    Brilliant photos! What a great project, thanks for sharing!

  11. kels, i absolutely have no words to describe how incredible these images are. so crazy to see how far you’ve come. you were defintely meant to do this….amazing girl:)

  12. Kel Ward says:

    Wow, wow, wow!! I just ran across this blog post in my search for inspiration. This session is absolutely AMAZING! Gorgeous models, location, light, styling, everything! Thank you for sharing!

  13. helene says:

    These images you have in this warehouse are lovely and well illustrated, well done!

  14. This is just AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING… thanks for providing the video… this is the first of your work i ever see and already loving it… nice theme, amazing work.


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