I create and capture moments and feelings
for humans with a message,
to promote connection and legacy.
Some call it time travel, I call it photographs.

Welcome to Life as a work of art.

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Lifestyle + Brand photographer

Welcome to Life
as a work of art.

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Hello And Welcome

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lifestyle + Brand photographer

I create and capture
moments and feelings
for humans with a message,
to promote connection and legacy.
Some call it time travel,
I call it photographs.

I get goose bumps easily. A good song, kiss, story, a moving image. 
I am touched, moved and inspired by human connection and human ambition. 

I specialize in people who have never been photographed before.
My posing style is laid-back and fun with 110% direction.
The result are images in my signature cinematic and ethereal style.
This is my translation of your memories and my promise to you is that
you will stare at yourself in a new light.
I am honoured to be with you on your journey of self-expression.

There are rare times in my career where I raise my camera to my eye and panic slightly because I can’t possibly capture the essence of what I’m witnessing
and do it justice. This is when lighting and emotion come together to present
an exact moment in time and space that was meant to be immortalized. 

This medium is a time machine for every highlight, or every beautifully simple moment you decide to suspend your thinking in exchange for BEing and absorbing your existence because you are stocking up on the currency of your life.
Because all we have is now - and then we don’t have it ever again.

This is me




People ask how I got into photography and my mind wanders back to when I was 13 when I frequented the local photo lab with my disposable film cameras 
(where I would later work for three years as the one hour photo girl and manager) as well as discovering that when I was 10, I wrote in my diary that I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up (only one of those things came true #nevergrowup).
In answer, I reply that photography got into ME. 
I photographed my first wedding when I was 18.

I measure my life in the the amount of scary beautiful decisions I’ve made.
One such whim was leaving UVIC at 19 to attend the Western Academy of Photography, where I graduated at the top of my class.

I have been a full-time professional for 9 years, in that time I have operated as 
an international wedding photojournalist, lifestyle/brand photographer, and educator/keynote speaker for professional photographers (most notably at Wedding + Portrait Photographer's International, Canada Photo Convention, Professional Photographer's of Canada and Showit United).
Photography has allowed me to work in beautiful places all over the world, 
from the Caribbean to Berlin to Africa.
I love how it’s extended my self-expression and helped me to see people. 

Fun Facts



I grew up in the Yukon wilderness where I lived in a treehouse for a time, caught birds and worked at my parents' tourist lodge. In the winter I lived in the sunny orchards of the Okanagan where I explored my love of theatre, art and sleeping outside.

I get to live the most beautiful life and much credit goes to the humans within it. My favourite things are meeting new people and talking about their dreams as well as authentic and emotional conversation, especially over good food. 
As a serial hobbyist, I also love weightlifting, technology, design, life coaching, and stand-up comedy.
I love travelling and chasing epiphanies
all over the world,

I talk too fast, I struggle with precise measurements,
I can't be hypnotized, I love slippers and I'm an Aquarius who was conceived in an airplane washroom above
Reno Nevada.

Fun Facts



I adore my parents, they are very much in love and dance to the beat of their own drum. They are also serial entrepreneurs, self-made millionaires, professional poker players and most certainly rednecks.

I love my husband Adam whom I met by answering his public post about needing a lift from the airport
(we went straight into an ocean ice cream date).
He is a big heart with legs, has the most compassionate soul, loves Disney and sings with me in the shower.
We also own a CrossFit gym together.

This is me

Fun Facts