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In advance of having these photos taken, I recommend stretching first as arching the back may be strenuous if you are not used to it. Most usually gain an appreciation for modelling after this - it's a bit like power yoga. Be sure to notify me if you have any physical limitations. I would also recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done - it will give you a confidence boost and help get you into character - not to mention it's lots of fun and you can use your bridal trial for this or test-run a potential wedding day stylist if you are a bride. I have the most amazing styling team and can book them for you if you like. Doing it yourself? Go over the top with the hair and makeup - false lashes and some extra eye shadow. Your reflection will shock you, but the camera will see it much more tame.

How should I prepare?

You may have heard about a trendy, sexy phenomena known as the Boudoir photoshoot.

Boudoir photos are typically  used as a creative and sassy gift for a loved one, for a special occasion or just for fun. The most popular occasion is for your fiancé as a pre-wedding or honeymoon present - talk about a wedding gift he won't forget!

I think that the most appealing thing about a boudoir photo is that it gives you the opportunity to celebrate yourself - the sassy gift is just the perfect excuse. You can look back n these images anytime - way in the future or when you're just having one of those days.

Boudoir is my most popular portrait shoot. I have photographed over 350 boudoir shoots, my experience allows me to pose you effortlessly as well as utilize the entire surroundings for optimum variety in your images.

Why do a boudoir shoot?

I have a studio downtown Victoria that is included in the shoot fee. Although I have some props and a vintage blue couch, I recommend a bedroom setting - it has a more artistic and genuine feel. I can come to our house and photograph you in the comfort of your own home, or friend's home (if it's a sweetheart surprise!). 
With portable studio lights, anywhere is a studio! Hotels are extremely popular. I will make the appointment for you if it interests you. Prices vary depending on location.

The #1 reason why women are hesitant about doing a boudoir shoot is because they can't believe that they would know how to pose, or could look sexy in front of the camera. This is understandable because it's the unknown, it's natural to feel anxious when you've never modelled before - It's not unusual to take a swig of wine or tequila shot before you get your bearings! 
The truth is, as long as you're relaxed and having fun, you're going to look great! If you feel you would not suit a boudoir shoot because you are older or heavier - pish posh. I once did a groupon deal for boudoir shoots and shot over 200 in one year.
During that time, I had the pleasure to photograph all different shapes, sizes, and ages - I even photographed a boudoir session with a 65 year old (and she rocked it)! 
I hope to include more mature women in my advertising, but of course I only show images that I have permission to. Everyone feels sexy after a shoot like this! I promise you will be surprised with how comfortable you will feel, and how much fun it actually is! Clever posing and flattering light is essential.
Photoshop doesn't hurt either! I edit the images like I would edit myself - conscious of small bulges and skin retouching but nothing major as I like to preserve your natural beauty. 

Where should I do my boudoir shoot?

Talk to me about airbrushing!

One of the biggest benefits of hiring me as your photographer is that I am an expert poser. I know exactly how to direct you and help you both to feel comfortable even if the poses don’t always feel normal. I specialize in capturing people who have never been professionally photographed before, so my shooting style includes 110% direction, so just kick back, run around, goof off and have fun with your other. You’ll be surprised at how fun it is and how comfortable you will actually feel. I've got you.

You can expect to feel amazing and relaxed during the shoot, and be pleased with the results, as the photos will most likely exceed your expectations. 
As women, we tend to focus on our physical flaws. As a photographer, I see you differently, and put you in a light and angle that will highlight your assets and cause you to appreciate yourself. For this reason, I would not recommend being very specific about poses for your shoot. Though if you have something very specific in mind, definitely explain your vision, or provide the image of inspiration. 
Trust in your photographer is the most important thing, especially in a shoot of this nature. 
Some poses will feel silly and exaggerated, though just like the hair and makeup, the camera needs exaggeration, as it will not translate it that way. Just laugh at yourself and unleash your inner vixen! The shoot itself will typically last one hour. 

But I'm not photogenic!

What can I expect?

Wear anything that makes you feel sexy or confident. Some tips:
/ Wear something comfortable and take photos of your outfit from behind to make sure you love it from all angles
/ Corsets, garters, body suites, swimsuits, funky lingerie, pearls and heels are all popular
/ You can bring more than one outfit
/ Sometimes we will incorporate a prop that relates to the husband/boyfriend/partner. For example: don an apron for your chef or hug a guitar for your musical beau.
/ Some popular themes include: Cowgirl (cowboy hat and boots), Pine-up (vintage lingerie and red lipstick), The man-shirt (or sports jersey

What should I wear?

What if my desired shoot location is outside of Victoria?

If your desired shoot location is more than one hour outside the Greater Victoria area, an additional $50 is applied per travel hour.
For Vancouver locations, it is an additional $350.
If elsewhere in Canada or is an international destination, we ask that our travel/accommodation fees be covered; please inquire for a custom travel quote.