5 Year Anniversary + Client Appreciation Party

March 4, 2016

Last Spring marked my 5th year as a full time photographer! It’s hard to believe I am now coming up on my 6th year already!

I remember when I quit my day job serving tabes at the Cactus Club like it was yesterday. I was 21 and had been out of photography school exactly on year.

It was a sunny afternoon as I was walking across the street at Fort and Douglas after my last shift. I felt in a daze and wondered if I could really do this.
In that moment, I wondered where I would be in 6 months, in one year, and in 5 years.
If I could go back in time, I would walk past myself and smile, not wanting to spoil the surprises ahead.


Through all the amazing experiences and growth pains, the most important thing I have learned is gratitude. I owe it all to my clients, thank you to everyone who has ever let me photograph them. We connected in that moment and I have not forgotten.

All year I was planning an off-season client appreciation party – what better way to do it than a pizza party?! I am happy to say it was a huge success! It was held at the Prima Strada Pizzeria and had a kick ass live DJ.

It was amazing and surreal to see so many familiar faces in the same room that have been in front of my camera – some from 2010 (who still have my photos as their profiles pictures!).

As part of the event, I worked for months on gathering donations from local businesses to support an orphanage in Haiti that I photographed in 2014.

Thanks to generous local sponsors and to my clients and friends at the event, we were able to raise over $1200 for Child Hope International!

I just got the event video back by the sexy and talented people at Evergreen & Bound Films:

Thank you for coming everyone – here’s looking forward to the next 5!


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