Erin + Kyle [Victoria BC Wedding Photography]

June 18, 2013

When Erin contacted me about her wedding, it was just such a cute message and story so I have to share it here:

My name is Erin and I recently got engaged. YAY! ; ) My fiance’s name is Kyle. I’m very interested in having you as the photographer for our wedding and engagement photos. I’m not sure if you remember us, but our relationship actually began in front of your lens. Here’s the story:

While we did know each other prior to this, our feelings for each other became quite apparent at the Mistletoe Project Gala in December 2010, on the couch having photos taken together. One year later, again at the Mistletoe Project Gala, you took some more beautiful pictures for us. 🙂  I think it’d be pretty amazing to have you as our photographer. After all, you were there with us when it all began. ; )

I actually remember them well from 2010, I usually ask people if they are a couple before I encourage them to snuggle up for photos. I asked these two and they just looked at eachother in a shy way that wasn’t actually shy at all, giggled and snuggled up anyway : ) As you can see, they get progressively more into it as the years went on!

The wedding day was beautiful, held at the Victoria Events Centre – the same place where they met at the Mistletoe events. Having the ceremony and reception in the same place made for a laid back schedule, and the heart of Victoria is an absolute treat to work with.

The reception was one big party, with appies floating around and hula hoops! We also had my photobooth set-up which crafty Erin had made her own background for!

Congratulations Erin and Kyle! What a great party that was.

Guests at the wedding can click HERE for their photobooth images (which may or may not be incriminating).


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