Dana + Landon [Okanagan Wedding Photography]

October 25, 2023

Celebrating Love at Dana and Landon’s Penticton BC Wedding: An Okanagan Love Story

Hey there, gorgeous souls! I’m KGoodPhoto, your friendly Okanagan wedding photographer (born and raised but currently based in Victoria – LOVE the oppourtunity to capture my hometown love stories), and I’m thrilled to share the enchanting love story of Dana and Landon, set against the stunning backdrop of the Penticton Lakeside Resort. But wait, there’s more – before I dive into the heartwarming details, let me spill a little secret: I had the pleasure of photographing Toni, the bride’s sister, and her husband, Clark, in sunny Palm Springs a couple of years ago.

Now, let’s dive into the magic of Dana and Landon’s journey. This dynamic duo chose to tie the knot in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, and it was a day to remember!


The Penticton Lakeside Resort, with its breathtaking waterfront location, took center stage in this love story. The picturesque lake views provided an idyllic canvas for their fairy tale. It was an absolute dream to capture the vibrant energy of this remarkable venue.

The venue, with its elegance and charm, was a cornerstone of their love story. Its serene lakeside setting and world-class service made it the perfect choice for this unforgettable day. Brides-to-be, take note – the Penticton Lakeside Resort is where dreams come true.

Now, let’s talk about the decor, which was absolutely on point, thanks to the creative geniuses at Origami Decor Rentals. They transformed the venue into a romantic haven, with every detail a work of art. I couldn’t get enough of their fantastic creations.

Platinum Floral Design added an extra layer of elegance with their breathtaking floral arrangements. These intricate designs blended seamlessly with the overall atmosphere, leaving everyone in awe.

As an Okanagan wedding photographer, my mission is to freeze those magical moments in time, the candid laughter, heartfelt vows, and genuine emotions that made Dana and Landon’s day truly special.

But wait, there’s more to this love story! I was honoured to capture Toni and Clark’s beautiful moments a few years back, and it’s always a delight to work with families again. What a wonderful world of love and photography!

A huge shoutout to the incredible vendors who made this day unforgettable:

Okanagan Wedding Vendors:

Dana and Landon’s wedding was a magical journey filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. I feel incredibly blessed to have been part of this amazing day, and I hope that the photos I captured will keep their love story alive for years to come.

For all you brides searching for a stunning Okanagan wedding venue, the Penticton Lakeside Resort is your dream location. And for a laid-back and passionate Okanagan wedding photographer, KGoodPhoto is here to turn your moments into everlasting memories.


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