Robyn + Tyler [victoria bc engagement photography]

July 2, 2019

[Victoria BC Wedding Engagement Photographer] Robyn + Tyler

We loved shooting this beautiful couple, Robyn + Tyler, one of the winners of our Spring Engagement Giveaway. Engagement photography allows for flexibility. When choosing the location for their engagement photoshoot, we decided not to stop on a single setting, as choosing multiple locations is a great option. Wonderful Victoria city offers so many beautiful locations, whether you are fond of outdoor photo sessions or you love the buzz and vibe in a heart of city.

For this photoshoot we decided to choose a location in the nature and a location in the city – what we call a “rural” or “urban” setting (click here for our engagement 101 guide!). For the outdoor shoot, the unique West Coast nature at the Gonzales Observatory created the right backdrop for this romantic shoot. The couple embracing in the sunset light looked perfectly intimate and romantic. For the images with the reflection below, this was achieved by using a nifty photographer’s trick – a cell phone screen!

For the urban style shoot we choose Trounce Alley near Tapas bar. This is a very special place for the Robyn + Tyler. This was the spot where they first met each other on a blind date. The nostalgic location, fairy lights in the background and lovers’ embraces did what they were meant to: created the perfect mood, intimate atmosphere in the heart of a night city. All we had to do was to capture the feelings and capture these happy memories!

Engagement photography is such a special gift for you and your betrothed. The resulting images allows for a brief and exciting chapter in your life to be captured and celebrated! Many couples are worried that they won’t be “photogenic” or look natural in front of the camera. When in fact, I give loads of direction so you will two can just enjoy the experience and have fun!

Victoria-BC-wedding-engagement-photographyVictoria-BC-wedding-engagement-photographyVictoria-BC-wedding-engagement-photography. Engaged couple in rural setting. Reflections.

Victoria-BC-wedding-engagement-photographyVictoria BC engagement photography. Couple in love in an rural settingVictoria-BC-wedding-engagement-photography

Victoria-BC-wedding-engagement-photography. Couple lying looking up, in love. Black and white outfits.

Victoria-BC-wedding-engagement-photographyVictoria-BC-wedding-engagement-photographyVictoria-BC-wedding-engagement-photography. Black and white photo. Engaged couple in loveEngagement photoshoot. Couple kissing in a romantic setting in an alleyVictoria BC engagement. Woman in red jacket kissing couple in love under a lamp post.






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