2015 Favourites [Victoria BC Wedding + Commercial Photographer]

December 31, 2015

Another year comes to a close and opens up a moment of reflection.

Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone! When this happens, I’m reminded to break out of routine and enrich my life in small and large ways. This is one of my favourite Ted Talks that I gave another quick listen to today, it reminds us that it’s not about the days that you live, it’s about the days you remember.

Now, a nod to 2015 and another amazing year with amazing clients. HereĀ is a slideshow of some of 2015’s memorable shoots, or check them out below!

I am happy to say that I made personal projects more of a priority, one of which turned out to be my favourite 2015 project – a day in the lives of my Grandpa and Grandma which I will elaborate on in a post soon.

Happy New Year and may 2016 hold many memorable days for you!




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