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September 1, 2019

[ Engagement photography in Victoria BC ] Alyssa + Jay

Engagement photography is a great way to capture this wonderful and brief moment of you couple’s story. Engagement season is filled with romance and the anticipation of the big day. The engagement photoshoot is a great opportunity to spend time together and reflect back to the story of your couple.

And here is the story of Alyssa + Jay.

The Beginning

Alyssa + Jay have known each other since tender age of 2 or even earlier. Alyssa’s mom swears she took a “baby bump” photo with Jay’s mom! But the first time they remember was on the first day of school in grade two. They caught each others eye in the playground. As Jay was running across the playground, Alyssa decided to make the first move. She plucked him out of the playground and asked him to “go study with her” (because that’s what she read in Archie comics). And he reluctantly said yes!

The Proposal

Years later, Jay was looking for a perfect situation to propose. A day trip to Vancouver seemed like a great opportunity. First Jay brought Alyssa to Sea to Sky Gondola, but he could not find “the spot” here. That’s when he remembered about a gorgeous Green Lake just past Whistler Village. They drove there and it was serene. The water was an amazing green colour and there were sea planes landing. Which was perfect, because the water was one of Alyssa’s favourite colours, and she loves to watch planes take off and land! There were a few clouds in the sky, but the sun was peaking through as they walked down to the lake.

Jay started with “well, it’s been a while…” and with one look at Jay’s face, Alyssa knew what was going to happen. She burst into tears and he got down on one knee. Then he opened the box to present the ring, and in perfect “Jay” fashion he opened it upside down! He quickly flipped it around and as they were giggling, he asked Alyssa to marry him. And just like in the movies – the clouds parted, the sun came out, and Alyssa said yes!

The Engagement Photography

Engagement season is a wonderful time for every couple. Making plans for the future and excitement of the wedding preparations… This time flies by quickly, and an engagement photography is a perfect way to commemorate this stage in your life.

Alyssa + Jay decided that the urban setting for this photoshoot would be the most complementing to their personalities  Sunset lit rooftop and cozy alleyways with fairy lights became an inspiring backdrop for a romantic engagement photography.


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