Headshot-A-Thon Recap

April 26, 2016

Well that was a whirlwind! In 17 hours over two days, I photographed 37 people which gave me 27 minutes per person including the shoot and looking through the images.

After ordering additional favourites and with the help of Elate Cosmetics who offered discounted makeup services, we were able to raise a total of $2640 USD for The School Sessions!

Day one, the Atrium building proved to be a fantastic modern location with unique natural light reflecting everywhere and some very cool backgrounds. The light changed every 20 minutes throughout the evening which proved to be an exciting challenge to locate the best light for each new subject.

Thank you to Habit Coffee for keeping us all fueled and to my witty assistant Matt Ellner who kept things running smoothly. He is a master umbrella holder/image culler. He also took my very own headshot in ­between guests while the light was extra cool.

Day two we were rocking headshots at The Studio on bright seamless. So white and so clean. Chill music, candles and coffee provided by Serious Coffee made all the action seem very zen. I loved waiting to see who would walk through my door next.

My favourite part has been connecting with all the familiar and new faces from so many different backgrounds – accountants and realtors to musicians and voice actors!

Everyone had a great time and it’s rewarding to see their face light up while looking at their images as many of them said they have never liked photos of themselves before.

Thank you to everyone who came out to share your day and your smile with my camera, I may have to make this an annual thing!





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