[ Heartwarming Backyard Vancouver Wedding ] Tiffany + Kiana

October 14, 2020

[Heartwarming Backyard Vancouver Wedding ] Tiffany + Kiana

Tiffany started out as an airbnb tenant.  I said “hey you’re pretty cool, do you want to just move in?” She said yes and our friendship began as housemates for the next year and a half. I meet most of my closest people in offbeat ways, much like Tiffany which brings me to Kiana.

Tiffany, Adam and I would stay up late some nights discussing the definition of romantic love and how it differs from platonic love.

We concluded that it’s the same minus a distinct physical intimacy. Love is love.

The first time Tiffany invited Kiana over, she was introduced as a new friend from work. Bright and chatty, she fit right in. As our girl’s night continued, I noticed an excitement between them that I couldn’t quite place. The next morning I was only 80% surprised when Tiffany told me that they had fallen in love.

Two straight girls who found their person in each other, in this life and in every life.

Their courage and commitment has moved and inspired everyone around them to “be brave and have it all”.

It’s an honour to be their friend and their official love story photographer (I captured their proposal 6 months after they met).

It was only fitting that I capture their wedding as well – something that would not have been possible pre-pandemic as I was unavailable on their original date. It’s been my favourite thing about this year.

They pivoted into the most beautiful backyard wedding and it was the first pandemic wedding I photographed and it couldn’t have been more right.

From Tiffany:

How did you find your photographer?: “We used to be roommates and now we are close friends!” – T

Biggest Challenge: “Our original wedding plan was a 100 person castle wedding on Vancouver Island, but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, reality turned into a 20 person physically distanced backyard elopement. The only plan we truly kept was being married by the end of it and we promised ourselves that after a million different iterations of the day that we dreamt of, no matter what would happen the day-of… would be perfect and exactly how it was meant to be. The biggest stresses on the day-of was being apart from one another in the morning. We’ve since decided to never be apart in life’s most important moments.” – T

Best Memory: “On the way from our first look location to the ceremony location, we drove in a limo van where Kiana felt car sick. This wasn’t part of the grand plan, but it led to us taking an intimate moment alone together to stand barefoot on the grass just before walking down the aisle. This was proof that the best-laid plans don’t lead to the most memorable moments. Our other favourite moments included dancing in the rain (before our official first dance), taking photos in the photo booth with people we love, and soaking in the decor and sound of the quartet.” – T

Any advice for couples planning their wedding?: “Let go of expectations (your own and others) and trust that the day will unfold just as it’s meant to. Take intentional moments to be present to each other and love each other through the day.” – T

Tiffany and Kiana’s wedding was featured in The Wedding Ring.

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Vendor love:

Officiant: Beth Carlson-Malena (from Young Hip and Married)
Makeup Artistry: Brenna Holmes-Dodd
Hair Stylist: Stephanie Alvarez (Muse Beauty)
Florist: The Wild Bunch
Wedding Dresses: Lisa’s Bridal
Caterer: Il Posto
Desserts: Layunin
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