New Promotional Video!

March 28, 2016

I am super excited to finally present this project that has been in the making for 3 years.

My previous promotional video was fun and showcased my goofy personality which helped to attract fun-loving clients but it wasn’t really showing what I am actually offering.

Yes I take good photos, but what does that mean for a couple who hasĀ invited me to photograph their families, their tears and their joy on their wedding day? I have been secretly filming the newlyweds’ reactions to their wedding images during the 5 min same-day photo premiere, on a mission to capture what it’s really all about.

Check it out for yourself! It was so hard to narrow down from all of the touching reactions and I want to thank my clients for putting their trust in me andĀ giving so much back in return.

Also a special thanks to Christian Tisdale for the intro film and Jeff Kaylor, a serious force in wrapping this up!


KGOODPHOTO Newlywed Reactions from Kelsey Goodwin on Vimeo.


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